Rise of the Guardians… Part 4

Are we doing the job God intended as leaders when guarding the faith of Christians? The task before us is not easy. We were never promised it would be.

The battle is fierce. The danger is great. The opportunities for success may be few.

However, with God on our side, the odds of victory have been secured.

We have considered ways Satan is working from within the church to rob Christians of their faith. We have only touched the hem of the garment.

From outside, the attacks are unlimited as well. One way Satan is working is through our busy schedules. Satan wants us to fill our time with so much stuff we have no time left for eternally important matters.

He wants us to be so busy with work, school, family activities (including sports, recreation, etc.), and life, that we have no time for studying God’s word, prayer, worship, and fellowship with Christians.

There is nothing wrong with any of these areas. They are necessary for balance, but when we allow them to push out the spiritual, Satan will steal our faith.

We need guardians to arise and protect.

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