The Power Of Prayer…

Prayer seems to be a given when it comes to spiritual leadership. We know about prayer. We study about prayer. We talk about prayer. We teach about prayer.

However, do we believe in the power of prayer?

As with most of you, I can attest to numerous times God has answered prayers in powerful ways. I have seen Him answer in unexpected ways that went beyond my request.

I am thankful for the avenue of prayer and I desire to have the kind of faith to know God will continue to answer my requests.

I guess the struggle for me is dealing with the temptation to doubt when the various trials arise to challenge my faith in God’s power to answer…yet again.

When it comes to prayer, there is no magic formula, special words, proper position, or time of the day that makes a difference.

For Christians, prayer is about the simplicity of a humble heart that trusts God to answer in His time, in His ways, and in our best interest.

We may not always understand, but praying without ceasing is the foundation to powerful leadership.

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