On The Road Again…

As you may know, I travel quite a bit. If I am not traveling overseas, I am domestically. Traveling has its ups and downs, good and bad.

I find a number of applications for leadership during the times I travel. For example:

There is always someone new to meet. I find it fascinating getting to know a variety of people around the world. It is a good indicator that the people we are leading are going to have a variety of personalities.

Patience is needed for every trip. There are times I would love to experience the Star Trek transporter and just be there. However, look at the great lesson I would miss that is most needed to help me develop as a leader.

I have opportunity to think. A number of issues challenge us everyday of life. Some of those issues can be resolved quickly without much thought, but I treasure the times when I travel because I have time to think about the more difficult issues.

These are only three that stand out. Take a trip and see if the lessons help your leadership.

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