A Blueprint of a Leader… Following

A blueprint provides the exact details for building any structure. The greater the detail, the better the opportunity for a long lasting structure. The same is true in leaders.

Last week we talked about the necessity of the foundation being right. Today, we need to focus on the idea of following the blueprint.

This may not sound like much of a point, but think about the situation for a minute.

If someone is going to be a leader, they must be a good follower. Jesus exemplified this principle, as did the apostles, and many others have today.

If we are unable to follow the details of the blueprint, then will our leadership be successful?

Jesus called people to follow Him before sending them into the world to lead others to Him.

When someone decides they know a “better” way than following the plan of our Lord, problems are on the horizon.

The better we are at following the blueprint our Lord has provided for our leadership, the greater our success will be in the kingdom. Take the time to listen, learn and lead.

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