Nutritional Leaders…

What comes to mind when we think of nutritional? If you are like me…food. There is no secret, I love to eat. I have often been characterized as one who lives to eat, rather than eating to live.

I have read a great deal of material over the years about health, healthy food, and exercise. It seems that the value of our physical exercise is directly related to the nutritional value of the food we eat. Go figure, right?

However, I have found a wonderful connection to leadership in all I have read and studied.

The healthier the food, the healthier the body. The same is going to be true in leadership. The healthier the leadership, the healthier the followers.

It is easier to talk about than do. Wow! The connection to leadership is exactly the same. I have learned that talking about leading is easier than leading.

Good nutrition extends the quality of life. This seems only natural. Leaders who are feeding followers a nutritious spiritual diet extend the quality of both leader and follower.

We can be sure there are benefits of a nutritional leader from both sides.

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