Leadership Word Of The Week…Imagination

One of my favorite ways to spend time is listening to the imagination of my grandchildren. From marrying Prince Charming to Belle dancing with the Beast to shooting a web as Spider Man to thinking they are Batman, their imagination is refreshing.

I would never promote living in a fantasy world, but when it comes to leading others we need a little imagination.

Imagination involves creative power. Leaders need creative power to lead others, to provide a better focus on the future and what can happen when we believe. When leaders create a vision for what can be and how to make it happen, people will follow. How do we know it will work? Look around, it is happening everyday. This is the power of leadership!

We could learn a great deal from children by spending time in a world built by their own creative power. Their ability to see what is unseen, believe the impossible, act it out in their minds, and speak with incredible creativity would help spark a little life into our leadership. Try it and see how it works.

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