Rise of the Guardians… Part 6b

Is it possible our democratic culture has created one of the problems concerning the faith of Christians today?

We are seeing a greater emphasis on the rights of individuals to choose what they want, followed by the right to challenge any decision simply because they voted.

The reality of this is also true by those challenging the word of God. When Biblical teaching cuts to the heart of an individual, a number of phrases are used to justify one’s actions, dismissing the authority of God’s word.

God wants me to be happy. God is not concerned about our happiness now, but rather our faithfulness. Nothing is worth missing heaven for, even our happiness in this life.

The Bible doesn’t say not to. If we take this statement at face value, we really could do anything. On what basis would there be any limits.

Well, I don’t see a problem with it. Whether we see a problem or not is irrelevant. God’s rule is not a religious democracy. We can choose, but God’s word will not change.

Satan uses many ploys, but leaders must guard a Christian’s faith to reach heaven.

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