Leading The Most Unlikely…

Recently, I was reading material involving outreach to those considered “less fortunate.” I have heard prayers for those “less fortunate than ourselves.” I will let you decide how to define this term.

One specific article discussed a church involved in a transformation in its membership, and the result was due to the prayer of the leadership.

The prayer was one of a simple nature: “Lord, lead us to those that nobody else wants.” Imagine the response when one by one several, that might be classified as “undesirable,” began showing up.

If we believe the gospel is for all, then are we working to see that all have opportunity to not just hear the gospel, but see it in our actions?

The path is not going to be an easy one to walk. However, leaders are not called to lead only those who are lovable, but those who are not-so-lovable also.

Take a moment to read through the gospels and notice the number of references to the outreach of Jesus. Who are these people? Why did He reach out to them? What was the result?

Are we listening?

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