Faith Or Feeling…

The spiritual challenges facing leaders today involve a contrast in understanding these two words.

On one hand there are those who allow their feelings to determine their faith. While on the other hand there are those whose faith determines their feelings.

At times the discussion is almost like determining which came first, the chicken or the egg.

However, the difficulties occur in the arena of feelings. Feelings are going to change. As we mature, grow in knowledge, experience new situations, and gain wisdom, our feelings will change. We can all recognize that we do not feel the same today as we did five years ago.

The other side of feelings is the fact they can deceive us. At some point in our lives, and maybe often, we may feel like we are doing the right thing because it feels right, yet we learn later it was not.

We need a foundation that will not change or deceive us. This is where faith finds its wings.

When we first build on faith, the appropriate feelings will follow. Leading on this basis will help others find the right foundation.

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