20 Years Ago…

Recently, I was given a graduation program from 1993. This was not just any graduation program, but my graduation program from the Bear Valley Bible Institute…20 years ago.

My mind was flooded with memories of the events surrounding the occasion. I looked a pictures reflecting days when I wondered if I would even see 20 more years and what I would be doing.

These pictures contained friends I endured long hours with in classroom lectures and library studies to complete assignments from one quarter to the next.

Some of these friends have since passed on to be with our Lord. There were pictures with my children at an age I now see in my grandchildren.

If you had asked me then if I would be where I am now, I could have only thought “I sure hope so.” Yet, I find myself missing the simplicity of days gone by.

I am reminded that life changes! During the history of these changes we need lead to with an anticipation of looking back 20 years from now knowing we fulfilled God’s will in our lives and in others.

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