Leadership Word Of The Week…Unique

Only one of its kind, special, unlike anything else, and unusual, are terms to describe the idea of being unique.

The idea of being unique can apply to something or someone.

The more unique, the more desirable, the more valuable, and the more popular.

Leadership has a unique opportunity to change the physical, spiritual and eternal lives of others.

What is it about our leadership that is unique?

Perhaps our style of leadership is unique, but in what ways can it be one of a kind?

Possibly it is the principle of our leadership that is unique, but principles are universal.

Potentially, our purpose is what makes leadership unique; in reality it is the only part of leadership that is unique.

Spiritual leadership has only one purpose, unlike anything else, special and unusual. This purpose was born out of the unconditional love of the Creator for His creation; a purpose designed to be demonstrated one to another.

This purpose is what keeps us focused and leads to the only hope for all of humanity. Helping others find this hope is a unique leadership.

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