What Is Our Leadership Worth To…

I realize a number of directions can be taken when we leave an opened ended statement as the one above.

What is our leadership worth to our spouse? Children? Employees? Church? Us?

We could spend a series of posts in talking about the value or worth in each of these areas and it would be time well spent.

However, I want us to focus on the idea of worth.

Regardless of our position we need consider where we find value as leaders.

Sadly, most of us tend to find our value or worth in what we do. The value of what we are able to accomplish, the skills we possess, the praise others give us for a job well done, or a level of achievement seems to be what makes us feel like we have worth…value.

Nothing we do on this earth will have greater value or worth than fulfilling the God given roles we have as husbands and wives, mothers and fathers.

We need to spend more time within our families expressing to one another the value of leading as God would have us lead.

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