Surviving The Fallout…

Leadership will always suffer times where difficulties create discouragement. How do leaders survive these times and grow stronger as leaders?

Here a few suggestions to consider.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Knowing adversity will come to leadership helps in preparing beforehand to deal with those times of discouragement.

Focus on a specific area. We might phrase it more accurately; “one at a time.” Discouragement is usually the result of feeling overwhelmed with the enormity of problems.

Learn the value of walking away. There are times when taking a break from the situation and clearing the mind helps leaders in assessing what needs to be done.

Seek counsel with other survivors. One of the most effective ways to handle the adversity of life is through the encouragement of others who have survived the same.

Remember to seek the good in all situations. Advice is always easier said than done, and this is no exception. However, there are always lessons learned that benefit leaders.

Leaders cannot avoid, must not ignore, and should never neglect adversity. Instead, learning to survive the fallout when adversity exists makes leaders stronger.

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