Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“I find a leadership lesson in the experience of helping the church heal. Leaders cannot allow themselves to see people as groups, as factions; we must see them individually. As leaders, we may preach to a congregation, but we teach one soul at a time. For, we never know which one might become the next leader.” Paul Myers

There is no way to expound on Paul’s thoughts and improve this powerful thought. Helping the church heal must be a priority of spiritual leadership.

Recognizing the individual nature behind Paul’s thought is also significant to the spiritual development of the church.

The statement I want to highlight for the thought today is the last; “we never know which one might become the next leader.” When I read this a second time it really stood out to me how important the one soul at a time approach is to leadership development.

We may proclaim the word of God to multitudes of people, but leadership is developed through the transformation of one soul at a time.

Have you considered which one might be the next leader where you are serving?

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