Leadership Word Of The Week…Tenacity

What a powerful word! The idea is one of standing firmly, the quality of relentless determination. Leaders will always have to face and endure attacks from opposition. At and during these times, leaders will need to be tenacious. When leaders have tenacity in relationship to the truth, spiritual development will always result.

Think for a moment about the nature and application of this word to leadership.

When talking about how to face challenges, leaders hold tenacity.

When working through personal problems, leaders demonstrate tenacity.

When establishing the direction ahead, leaders portray tenacity.

When developing the plans for the future, leaders lead with tenacity.

When needing to achieve the goals set before the group, leaders carry tenacity.

When seeking guidance to make tough decisions, leaders exemplify tenacity.

Developing the persistent character of tenacity, i.e. pursuing a solution until it is successful, takes time. Leaders who possess tenacity lead with perseverance and lay a foundation to bring success.

Tenacity is a powerful word and one that deserves our time as leaders to develop in leading others to spiritual growth.

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