Six Down, Six To Go…

Today marks the beginning of the last half of 2013. If you are like me, it is hard to believe we are on the backside of this mountain.

A common question often asked when looking back on the year is “where does the time go?”

Perhaps a more pertinent question is “what did we do with the time we were given that will leave a lasting change in the lives of others?”

With six months behind us and six ahead, we need to be evaluating what we have done and considering what we should do to transform the lives of those around us?

Our time would be well served to let our minds dwell on the following questions.

Will we introduce someone to Jesus? When?

Are we living the kind of life that provides a greater influence for the kingdom?

How will we most productively use our time to serve the Lord’s church?

With six down and six to go to complete 2013, we need to be thinking more about our influence and how we are leading others. Think Souls!

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