A Celebration Of Independence…

Holidays always tend to bring out the articles and posts that parallel the occasion with a spiritual connection. The independence celebrated by this country is no exception when considering the independence celebrated in Christ.

Rightfully so; there is a wonderful analogy with physical freedoms compared to the greater spiritual freedoms enjoyed by those who share in them.

Considering the sacrifice made by Jesus: willingly, lovingly, and graciously, the value of what was accomplished to open the way to the Father is exemplified.

From a spiritual leadership perspective, a leaders’ example should be one that demonstrates the same willingness, love and grace to open the way for others to the Father.

The greatest joy of celebrating our own independence is to help others celebrate the same by introducing them to the way, the truth, and the life.

The life, the abundant life promised by Jesus, is one of freedom from the consequences of sin that introduces a celebration of independence.

Our leadership today should always help others understand the price paid for this celebration.

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  1. Betty Gilley says:

    Jacob and Daniel, I enjoyed your comments today. May both of you and your families have a safe, Happy 4th of July. God Bless America.
    In Christian Love,
    Betty Gilley

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