Leadership Questions…#4

To this point, we have considered three questions that all great leaders ask. There is a fourth question these leaders ask that is also significant to consider: “What might be missing?”

Mike Maddock, who writes for Forbes online, claims “great leaders are open to the fact (and it is a fact) that they are missing something.”

We do not have the space to list all the possibilities in answer to this question. It should be noted that what is missing can range from the most simple of ideas to the most complex issues of leadership teams.

The value of asking this question, and the need for leaders to press others to answer this question, demonstrates the kind of humility great leaders need in their leadership.

When humility is part of the equation, along with an openness to the possibilities, then followers will provide answers.

A sense of creativity, innovation, and motivation will exist to provide a stronger morale in achieving short and long term goals.

We cannot underestimate the power of humility seen in God’s leaders.

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