Praise The Lord…

No, this phrase is not unique to the book of Psalms, far from it. However, nearing the end of this collection of poetic brilliance is one Psalm that highlights several areas about the Lord declaring why He is worthy to be praised. He is…

Creator of heaven and earth.

Executor of justice for the disadvantaged.

Provider of sustenance for those in need.

Healer of the afflicted.

Exalter of the downtrodden.

Compassionate to the upright.

Protector of strangers.

Supporter of the orphan and widow.

Frustrater of wicked ways.

Ruler of all.

These ten words are laced throughout the Bible and intensely describe the nature of God.

These words also provide strength for the weak, comfort for the discouraged and protection for the vulnerable.

All that should be added is for leaders to lead with an understanding of who God is, what He has done and what He can do.

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