Leadership Word Of The Week…Better

Regardless of how we technically define better, the conclusion results in improvement from a previous condition or situation.

Whether something is better than before can be subjective to the individual, but the claim still indicates improvement of some sort.

One of the key words to the book of Hebrews is better. We live under a better covenant, based on better promises, because of a better sacrifice; the sacrifice of Jesus Himself.

The result is obviously a better hope of the future.

What does all this mean for leaders?

When we examine our leadership character, attitude, work ethic, practice, or presence; can we say it is better than previously?

When we consider the development of those who follow our leadership, would it be said they are better today than yesterday?

Perhaps the appropriate question would be; are we willing to do what it takes to make it better?

Leaders make things happen and what they make happen should be for the better.

Jesus made our life and future better. Our task as leaders is to make the life and future of others better.

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