Leadership Word Of The Week…Planning

Five words are associated with the word of the week: organization, arrangement, design, forethought and groundwork. These components occupy a key role as leaders look at the year ahead.

Forethought: When planning for the future, forethought includes vision, goals, mission, core values, people, and obstacles.

Groundwork: What foundation must be prepared and laid before successive steps? The groundwork needed will be based on the forethought given to the specific nature of planning.

Organization: How is the organization structured for the new year? Are changes needed to achieve the plans for organizational success? An organization cannot outgrow the strength of its leadership.

Arrangement: The arrangement of each component is critical for development. Have the pieces been arranged to logically move from one stage to the next?

Design: The design stage in planning is where the dreams unfold into direction. Does the design provide the proper layout of steps that insure success?

When leaders in the Lord’s kingdom stop to give thought to planning based on these five components, the reality of success occurs at the right time and the right place.

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