Leadership Word Of The Week…Facebook

The world of Facebook is contagious and spreads to every age, nation and gender on the planet. Statistics about Facebook can be staggering, but there are lessons for leaders in this avenue of social media.

Be careful about abusing privilege. Time spent perusing posts adds up; a few minutes becomes a few hours quickly. The privilege of checking in to post or read others’ post should not detract from work or family.

Do not forget to live life. Facebook is not the place to air dirty laundry, express discontent, deal with confrontation, or anything like these. Life was not meant to be lived-out on Facebook.

Use Facebook as a tool. Facebook serves as a great tool for encouragement, edification and education. If used properly, leaders can leverage Facebook to make a difference.

Remember our Christian influence. Above all else, we are Christians. The way we express ourselves influences everyone who reads. Sarcasm, humor, teasing, and such like, do not always translate. Using caution before posting is an understatement.

These are only a few, but if practiced provide an opportunity for leaders to have stronger influence.

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