A Need For Mentors… Part 1

Information about mentoring is unlimited. Several approaches to mentoring indicate a number of options available for consideration.

For the next few weeks, we want to explore several areas related to the concept of mentoring and how Christians can use mentoring to achieve the second half of the Great Commission; “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”

Mentoring involves an experienced and trusted advisor who trains and counsels someone else. The mentoring relationship may extend any where from a few days to a few years depending on the nature and purpose of the relationship.

As a spiritual influence in the lives of others, we all want to pursue ways we can mentor someone in developing maturity in their faith.

The approach to mentoring we will examine in the weeks ahead will be based on ways Jesus mentored the disciples.

As we explore these areas, please examine ways to get involved in mentoring others, but also seek out someone who can be a mentor.

Before we begin to dig deeper next week, pray about someone who can be a mentor and pray for someone to mentor.

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