The Value Of One Day…

What could be accomplished if we knew today was the only day we had left to live?

Doing a little Google search revealed interesting results. Answers ranged from immoral activities to resolving conflict and communicating ones feelings for someone else.

Would we spend time with family telling them how much we love them and how we want them to remember us?

Would we give away our possessions to those who are less fortunate?

Would we find a way to settle a disagreement with an estranged friend?

Would we extend ourselves to help someone reach their potential?

From a nonChristian perspective, I am sure the answers would align accordingly.

From a Christian perspective, however, the value of having one day left makes our leadership much more vital.

Nothing would be more important than making sure others knew about Jesus and the avenue He provides to insure an eternity in heaven.

The reality is we do not have a guarantee of tomorrow; today may be the last day we are given. Let us make today valuable and seek a way to lead someone to Christ.

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