Leadership Word Of The Week…Dependent

A number of significant words are associated with the word of the week, the primary of which is reliant. Spiritual leaders understand the need to rely upon God. They are dependent upon His guidance, direction, strength, and provisions as they lead others.

Spiritual leaders are also aware of the fact that followers are also dependent upon them to provide the same.

Guidance provides advice and instruction for the conduct and behavior of life.

Direction shows the way, primarily the way to an eternal home with God.

Strength is needed to get up and keep moving in the right direction as it connects to the goal.

Provisions are given to continue the journey and receive nourishment along the way, even when all else fails.

These four areas are all directly related to the dependence that is associated with our relationship with God and those who fill the role of leading God’s people.

The role must never be taken lightly. It is critical to building a solid foundation that supplies all of us with the basic components to our growth in relationship with God.

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