What Are We Doing?

This question could be answered and played out in several scenarios.

What are we doing about the present condition of leadership? What are we doing about the future of leadership? What are we doing to implement the development of biblical leaders?

We need to give consideration to all possibilities. We must, however, take the answers seriously.

Challenges face every move to improve current situations. Efforts to make a difference are often viewed with skepticism toward liberal tendencies.

Doing the right thing in leadership has been squashed under the guise of liberalism for so long, growth has been limited, if not completely eliminated.

Enthusiasm to learn and implement something new or different is sequestered off in the halls of youth and familiarity; “they will learn soon enough how things are done around here.”

What are we doing to change eternity, if the only thing we are doing is exactly what we have done for the past 50 years?

This is not implying change for the sake of change. At some point, however, we need to recognize where we are, where we are going, and what we must do to get there.

1 comment on “What Are We Doing?

  1. Mike Moore says:

    I agree that “growth has been limited, if not completely eliminated” by fear. Leaders in the church cannot capitulate to fearful followers who sling accusations. Satan uses fearful followers, and fear within leadership, to kill the Lord’s church. I read your post everyday and I’m regularly blessed. This is the best article thus far, and you’ve written some great ones. Every leader in the Lord’s church needs to read this article. Thank you.
    Mike Moore, Elder, Broadway church of Christ, Paducah, KY

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