Leadership Word Of The Week…Sticky

Chip and Dan Heath published a book several years back titled Made To Stick. The real take away from the book is learning how to communicate ideas, messages, or strategies that “stick” in people’s minds.

Change is always challenging and the ability to communicate in ways that transform people’s thoughts and actions is needed in leadership.

Think about books, articles, people or situations, we remember vividly, while there are others that are forgotten. Why? What is it about one situation that we remember so easily and others we forget?

Leaders need to learn how to communicate the message, the goals, and the vision in ways that is sticky, helping others remember the purpose of the journey.

The Heath’s share six ideas that indicate when the communication is simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and built in story format, people tend to remember.

This post is not designed, nor do we have the space to cover each of these in detail, but if we all think about the books, articles, people or situations we remember, there is an element of each of these six ideas included.

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