Leadership Word Of The Week…Fear-less

The most common idea associated with this week’s word is an attitude or mindset of having no fear, or the absence of fear.

We need to consider, however, another possibility as it relates to the direction of leadership.

The idea is to reverse the order of the word, considering the approach of having less fear.

There is an element of doubt when thinking that a leader will have no fear or even eliminate fear. Various events in life and leadership will always create times of fear. During those times we can demonstrate less fear, but what makes it possible to do so? Read Hebrews 11:1 – 12:4.

Enduring life’s challenges is an ability strengthened by victorious faith. Understand that others have also overcome; see the great cloud of witnesses surrounding us.

Trust that God will keep His promise. He will see us through every trial; run with endurance the race that is set before us.

No matter how great the obstacle, at its best it is still temporary; keep your eyes fixed on Jesus…who for the joy set before Him endured the cross and despised the shame.

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