Critical Evaluation…

One of the most significant components of goal setting and achievement is evaluation. Evaluation is based on time set aside to reflect, assess, or make a judgment about the amount, number or value of something.

Once goals are established for any individual or organization, an effective way to determine progress is through evaluation.

Evaluating progress monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly provides leaders an opportunity to accomplish the following:

Measuring the amount of progress. Knowing what has been accomplished is foundational for each area of the plan.

Assessing changes that need to be made to reach the goal. This assessment may mean making adjustments by increasing or decreasing the goal.

Implementing phases of the plan. Reaching any goal requires a plan and the contingency of implementing the various phases of that plan at the right time.

Building morale of stakeholders in the process. Everyone who has something invested in this task thrives on the success of progress. An accurate evaluation keeps them informed and on board.

The profit gained by time spent evaluating each essential part of the plan determines its ultimate success.

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