Leadership Word Of The Week…Conveyance

Conveyance involves the action of making an idea, feeling, or impression known or understandable to someone.

While there are various ways to understand the word of the week, leaders need the skills to take the required action to provide guidance for others.

These actions my be identified by words spoken and the example given that makes the message known or understandable.

The bottom line to this word is communication. Leaders must be good communicators. They know the vision, mission, and values that drive the organization and they must communicate it to others clearly and understandably.

When the story of God’s mission, as it unfolds in the life of Jesus, is the heart of the vision, mission, and values then the message conveys hope with eternal ramifications.

This is the message that changed the lives of 3,000 people on the day of Pentecost.

This is the message numerous disciples / apostles suffered and died for to see others come to know.

This is the message that continues to be the power that saves two thousand years later.

Let us lead with conveyance.

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