Change In The Season…

Entering the summer continues to demonstrate the changes of seasons. There are places on earth where the changes are minimal and others that experience changes more drastic in nature.

In addition to the changes from one season to the next, people living in various parts of the world have preferences to the time of year they enjoy most. People who grow up in a very cold climate tend to enjoy  a more consistently warm climate, while others who grow up in a warm, and often humid, climate prefer a little cooler place.

Changes in the season indicate the value and beauty of variety and the lesson for leadership is important.

Everyone has a preference connected to the style of leadership they want to follow. There is, however, value to recognizing the benefits of a variety. A variety in leadership style can…

Provide different perspectives.
Eliminate limitations for growth.
Encourage the creativity of followers.
Increase the opportunity for leadership development.

The message in our leadership does not change, but the style / method by which we approach that message may need a change of season.

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