Setting Up For An Escalation…

The further one goes in leadership and the stronger the influence, an escalation of possibilities occurs where everything seems to mirror a nuclear explosion.

There are times when the events that escalate around us are distractions or hindrances to the development of our leadership.

Is it possible, however, that God is opening doors of opportunity for us to grow and develop our leadership ability?

How we set up for these times makes the difference in our perception of God and our leadership.

Are we living as though we fully understand the unlimited nature of God’s power?

Do we believe God is able to do far more abundantly beyond all we ask or think?

Will we use the power that works with in us to fulfill God’s plans for our lives and His kingdom?

Can we get excited about and plan for the ways God will bless us if we will let Him?

We have tried to do things on our own for too long. It is time to trust in God’s power and prepare ourselves to do the work God has prepared us to do.

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