Proper Representation…

If history serves correct, one of the famous lines used during the establishment of this country in breaking way from British rule was “taxation without representation.”

We understand the importance of having proper representation. This is true in the realm of law (taxation) and the same is true in standing before our God.

We do not want to stand before God alone. We need proper representation, and that representative is Jesus. For this, we give thanks.

Leaders are also representatives. Followers need those they can turn to who will help them, guide them, protect them, advocate for them, and provide the representation that insures the right decisions are made.

The opportunity to represent others indicates the activity of speaking on behalf of someone else, literally a wider group of others. The application to leadership is rather fitting.

Thinking about the representation we have in Christ, we must also consider what kind of representative followers desire to have in our leadership.

Modeling the characteristics found in Christ is a great starting point for fulfilling  our responsibility in leading others.

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