For The Future Of Leadership…

When we consider the future, what does leadership look like for the church?

Do we see larger numbers of leaders guiding and shepherding the church according to the biblical model?

Do we see congregations influencing more people for the cause of Christ because of the example set by leadership in the church?

If this is the vision we have for the future of leadership, then we need to consider how we will accomplish this vision.

We have already experienced what waiting to see if people develop on their own accomplishes, and the outcome has not be favorable.

We must be proactive in developing the future of leadership through training. The Lord’s church needs solid leaders, and we are not only responsible, but we will be held accountable for the approach we are taking to the development of leadership for the future.

Nothing will happen by accident. Leaders do not just wake up one day and say, “I’ll lead.” They must be groomed carefully, strategically, and biblically in order to direct the future of the church.

The time is now. Let us pursue the task with diligence.

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