A Different Way To Lead…

Books on leadership abound with information that deals with how to lead, improving our leadership, styles of leading, and thousands more.

This post is not going to address anything new to most who are reading. However, the way we lead is certainly different from the ways most often suggested.

A learning leader is one who is always open to learn from others, listening to what is said and how it is said, as well as, constantly seeking ways to improve who they are, what they are, and how they lead others.

When leaders are open to learn, the opportunities are greater for obtaining the wisdom of others who have a depth of knowledge and experience that exceeds their own.

When leaders approach each situation with a learners’ heart, they demonstrate an attitude of humility that understands the necessity of being a servant-leader.

No leader will ever know “everything,” but when leaders are ready to learn they will find their influence is greater and what is accomplished will leave a lasting legacy.

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