A Time For…

The most precious commodity in existence is time. Thinking about an existence without time is an impossibility, because all we know is based on time, from the time we are born to the time we die.

We intellectually know the Bible speaks of a day when time will no longer exist, but we are incapable of comprehending it. Even the way we speak about eternity is measured in time, as we say we will “spend” eternity in heaven or hell.

Our life exists within this span known as time.

Since we have been given this measure and moment of time, it should concern us to think about how we use our time while it exists.

We can use our time for ourselves, selfishly using every minute for pleasure. The book of Ecclesiastes informs us this is vanity.

The alternative is to use our time for others. Herein lies the purpose of our life and leadership. The greatest fulfillment and satisfaction of life is to use our time for others, helping them physically and spiritually reach their potential.

If everyone focused on this, imagine what the world would be like.

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