Leadership Word Of The Week…Constructive

To be constructive is to be involved in something that is useful with a tendency to build up. The thought behind this concept is powerful when applied to the field of leadership.

When leaders are constructive, life and leadership change before them.

Constructive leaders are characterized by several key qualities.

They have a vision for what is right, rather than what is wrong.

They possess an understanding of what is beneficial, as opposed to harmful.

They provide tools to assist followers in reaching their potential, not holding them back.

They are driven by the desire to achieve the good of others before focusing on themselves.

These four ideas are just a beginning point when thinking about the nature of constructive leadership. The characteristics listed are four reasons why constructive leaders are defined by their usefulness to others and the overall organization.

When the church is led by a constructive leadership, growth to maturity in a spiritual sense and numerical growth through their influence on the church will naturally go hand in hand.

The time to consider how to be more constructive is worth it.

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