Oh For the Sake Of Learning…

A new class of students began their studies this morning at the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver. The look in their eyes of anticipation, excitement, apprehension, and perhaps a little fear, never gets old.

Most of the staff remember well the time when they also sat in the same chairs with the same feelings.

There is something unique about entering a program of study where the material learned prepares someone to change the world with the message of Jesus.

The teachers in the program are fully aware of the responsibility given by God when it comes to leading these precious souls to become great learners of God’s word and leaders of others.

Developing the foundation upon which these students build for future leadership is critical and we all seek your prayers as we approach this God given responsibility.

Please pray for the students and the challenges they will face in the years ahead.

Please pray for the instructors to have wisdom in developing courses for these students.

Please pray for God’s blessing in providing the needed support.

Please pray God will use these families to His glory.

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