Leadership Word Of The Week…Alienation

Writing about “alienation” as a leadership word may seem strange, but the idea expressed here is significant to our influence as leaders.

When someone is isolated from a group to which they belong, at least from a negative point of view, it is described as alienation.

Leaders have an opportunity to use their words and actions to influence others for the cause of Jesus, for the betterment of life, and growth in the kingdom.

When we use our words or actions for the purpose of proving a personal opinion or advancing our agenda, we can easily alienate the very ones we are trying to influence.

This is a dangerously thin line and one we need to be more thoughtful to before we speak or act. For if, in that moment, we lose our credibility and influence, two events occur: 1) a wall of defense is erected to the point we can never get over it, and 2) we drive the other person deeper into their belief or conviction.

The cause of Christ is too great to allow our carelessness to alienate someone from the greater good.

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