The Value Of Time Management…

Time is probably the most valuable commodity available. We cannot comprehend anything that is not factored by some measure of time.

The challenge, however, is not simply understanding time. The challenge is learning how to use time effectively.

Time management is one of those areas that is often talked about, but it is rare to find those who make proper application of good time management tools.

Most of us tend to work until we are ready for bed, then we find ourselves wishing we had more time in the day to work more.

A few years ago, Paul Myers developed several timely tips, a few of which might be helpful at this point:

1. Get a real calendar and use it. Establish deadlines and work to meet them accordingly.

2. Work and finish something everyday. Looking back on what is accomplished boosts morale.

3. Do not allow electronics to control the time. Turn off the gadgets that cause hindrances.

4. Start early. An extra hour in the morning adds up in finishing projects.

Attitude is the difference maker when managing our time. Thank you Paul for the reminder.

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