Wisdom In Many Counselors…

One of the key lessons in leadership involves surrounding ourselves with wise counselors.

The account of Rehoboam in 1 Kings 12 stands out as a powerful example of a leader who failed to follow wise counsel and, as a result, divided the kingdom of Israel.

Throughout the book of Proverbs, Solomon speaks of the benefit to leaders who seek wisdom, especially the wisdom of listening to many wise counselors.

Why is it so beneficial to surround ourselves with many counselors?

1. Personal wisdom is usually developed on limited education and experience.

2. Many counselors provide a wiser approach to making well-informed decisions.

3. The strengths possessed by others will compliment our weaknesses.

4. The idea is sanctioned by the wisdom of our God.

Personal knowledge and experience should remind us of the value of having many counselors.

When we seek to promote our own agenda, further our own advancement, or seek a position of authority, then we are in danger of leading down a destructive path. Listen to the wisdom of those who hold the knowledge and experience to guide us to greater achievement.

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