Working Through The Process…

Pick the activity to be accomplished and, regardless, there seems to be a process by which it must be carried out.

The difficulty that arises in leadership is often connected to learning how to work through the process in order to reach the desired end.

Sadly, learning the process is where the problems begin to surface. The process of one activity or location may not be the same process as in another.

The protocol changes depending on the people, culture, and model that were / are established.

These foundational components tend to guide and direct the “processes” of an organization as well as the day-to-day activities for each one of us.

When we determine the process and work within it, we develop a greater measure of credibility and gain the kind of influence that assists us in becoming the people God intends.

The best scenario exists when we establish the process first and then develop the potential of everyone else entering the program.

Isn’t this what God did for us?

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