This Will Only Take A Minute…

We have all heard or thought “this will only take a minute.”

We know this statement is more figurative than literal. We cannot be sure that an activity or task will take exactly 60 seconds, but we still say it.

Imagine the difference one minute can make in our leadership influence when we implement the following ideas in one minute.

1) Pray: take one minute to pray about something or someone and notice the change by starting with this step.

2) Think: before jumping to conclusions, reacting immediately, or speaking quickly, take 60 seconds to think and watch how much clarity occurs to our responses.

3) Ask: while we cannot control someone else’s response, taking one minute to ask for help can change everything.

4) Write: one minute to write a note of appreciation, to express thoughts before saying them, making a to-do list, or logging the activities of an event are powerful.

5) Speak: practice taking one minute every day to build up someone’s morale. This practice will revolutionize production.

These five simple steps can be done in less than five minutes each day, but consider the difference these steps make in our leadership.

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