Whatever It Takes…

Everyone seems to have a line, a specific line that influences what will or will not be done. The line may fall into areas involving the moral, ethical, and / or legal character of the individual.

Sadly, the line, far too often, is adjustable and once moved, an effort to rationalize the decision pursues, especially when there is a part of us that knows we made the wrong decision.

The task before us is one of great magnitude and one that requires an understanding of where the line is drawn. A few ideas might be helpful in establishing the needed direction.

1) Remember God has already established and provided the line for every one.

2) Consistency is critical to developing godly character.

3) Consider the long-term consequences for rationalizing contradictory decisions.

In the final analysis, the souls we influence are far too precious and valuable to risk immoral, unethical, or illegal activity that compromises our character.

We are entrusted with the greatest responsibility as spiritual leaders. Whatever it takes to demonstrate the kind of integrity that leaves an eternal influence is worth the effort.

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