Sanguine Personality…Ghost Post #3

How many times have we looked up and found one person always talking? They are probably a “Sanguine” personality.

They know no stranger. They are happy most of the time and everybody in the company likes them, but! They start things and do not finish them. They forget to put tools up. They leave a trail of “stuff” behind everywhere they go. It is not that they cannot or will not do these things right; it is just that they do not think about them. Their mind is somewhere else, on to bigger and better things.

The Sanguine is a great person to have around. They are funny, quick, and personable. They do well in sales. They are good to take the lead, if they have a list of everything they need to take with them.  They just need a leader to help them focus.

The Sanguine is usually smart and willing to learn; they just need some leadership. Do you have someone like this that can be useful?  What can be done to help them focus and be better at what they do for themselves and others.

1 comment on “Sanguine Personality…Ghost Post #3

  1. Sis Kelechi Young says:

    Wow.That’s what I am.You are %100 right.All these attributes and traits are found in me.Thanks for making me know my kind is fun to be with.God bless you.

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