One More Revolution…

A revolution carries different meanings, depending on the individual listening.

On one hand, the idea of a revolution is an overthrow of a government or social order to be replaced by a new system. The American Revolution is only one of many identified throughout history.

On the other hand, the idea includes revolving around or orbiting another object. We associate the idea with the number of times a planet revolves around the sun or a moon around a planet.

Both ideas can be associated with the role of leaders. There are times when leaders need a revolution, a means to replace the current system with a new one. Spiritually speaking, this revolution occurred in the first century with the beginning of Christianity. Not only was there a replacement of the Jewish system, but Christianity replaced “all” systems.

Additionally, the revolution of one object around another indicates the power of consistent endurance. Regardless of the challenges, a sense of tenacity exists and strengthens when consistently enduring to reach the goal.

The ideas express a beautiful picture of Christians who understand the need for one more revolution.

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