An Influencing Leadership…Ghost Post #6

What made us who we are? We are products of people who have touched us along the way in small and seemingly insignificant ways and in huge, almost overwhelming capacities, forming us into what we are today.

How others view us at the end of our lives seems to matter to us, so we work hard to distinguish which of those unsolicited influences we allow to show forth through our character and personalities. No matter how hard we try to avoid these influences, they seem to haunt us and have more of an impact than we give credit. We can neither run away from nor ignore any of these intrusions into this forced education of the soul.

We also need to consider how we have influenced others. Do we think about how we are influencing others daily? What lessons are we teaching others by our behavior and actions and words?

How will our life be judged by others that have been touched by our self-imposed intrusion? We need to think positively and think about our leadership and how we can influence others to lead and to build.

1 comment on “An Influencing Leadership…Ghost Post #6

  1. Sis Kelechi Young says:

    That’s true.A good leader must influence others possitively for things to go smoothly

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