A Few Seconds To Change The World…

The value of time is measured differently by each individual. Ask anyone who has escaped an accident or near death experience by a few seconds and see how valuable time is to them.

The tendency is to focus on longer period of times, considering what needs to be done next year, next month, and next week. We consider how long something will take to accomplish by measuring it in hours, days, weeks, months, and years.

Life can be filled with so many activities we are busy all the time. As a result, time flies by and we wake up one day wondering where the time went and how quickly.

If light can travel 372,564 miles in two seconds, imagine the change we can make in the world by a few simple ideas.

A smile can warm the heart of one who is struggling.

Consider the power of a hug at just the right moment.

A kind word can encourage success when failure looms.

Take a moment to think of all we could do in a few seconds that might change the world for someone else.

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