Conflict Resolution…Part 1

One constant in life is “conflict.” The reality of conflict for leaders needs to be understood if we are going to bring resolution.

At least three reasons explain why conflict exists and play a part of leadership.

1) We live in a complex and diverse world. Regardless of the country, the use of technology, cross-cultural variances, language, along with generational and gender differences, only add to the complexity and diversity.

2) We interact with people. The interaction between various personality types stemming from cultural differences will always raise the issue of conflict.

3) We cannot control every situation. One of the greatest reasons for conflict is the fact that we are not in control of every situation. For the “A” personality types, this truth is frustrating.

Knowing these reasons, however, is not enough. We are all aware of the fact that conflict exists and, for some of us, these conflicts are greater now than ever before.

The question we need to consider is – how do we deal with the conflict when it comes?

Over the next few weeks, we want to consider several areas regarding how we deal successfully with conflict.

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