Conflict Resolution…Part 3

The challenges associated with conflict run deep and the resolutions do not come quickly.

Considering previous discussions, there are a few suggestions to help us when conflict arises.

1) Embrace the conflict. We know conflict will happen. When we embrace conflict, it allows us the opportunity to learn from the conflict and grow through it.

2) Develop consistency. Nothing is more destructive than hypocrisy or more convincing than consistency. The conflict may be in our family or between others, but a consistent approach is the best start.

3) Listen to all sides. There are at least two sides to every story. Listening to only one side leads to hasty reactions, wrong conclusions, and damaged relationships.

4) Respond quickly. Waiting to address conflict introduces challenges that hinder the elimination of assumptions that can create bitter and incorrect feelings.

5) Invite collective wisdom. We are not alone when facing conflict or seeking resolution. Asking others who face similar conflict can bring a wealth of wisdom to help.

Obviously, these five suggestions are not an exhaustive list. With a good start, however, we can find resolution more quickly, and this is the goal.

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